Our Products

  • MAAS Motor Oil Super S is a multi grade lubricant with advanced formulation and is particularly suited for turbo-charges, multi-valved and direct injection engines. It is specially formualted for use in modern gasoline and moderate engines.

  • MAAS Motor Oil Super G is the super high qulaity engine oil, recommended for all season use in gasoline powered passenger cars and light duty trucks. It has been produced with various categories of viscosity to suit the various types of vehicles.

  • MAAS Diesel HD is recommeded for all passengers' cars and light duty trucks. The unique chemistry of the additive package help ensure that the oil stays in grade in all seasons and under all types of loads. It meed the requirments of API CF/SF.

  • MAAS Diesel Engine Oil XT is a high performance crankcase oil designed for using in wide range of recent diesel and gasoline engines operation under moderately server condistions. It has been produced with two categories of viscosity: 15W40, 20W50.

  • MAAS Motor Oil EP is a high performance univeral gear lubricant for manual transmission, steering gears and other gearboxes of automatic equipment. It is also is suitable for most worm-gear drives. We Produces two types: 80W90, 85W140. The most important propeties of this oil is its high oxidation stability and low pour point with good corrosion protection.

  • MAAS Diesel Engine Oil TIR 7400 has been developed to cover the requirments of all engines (heavy duty passenger cars and industrial vehicles). TIR 7400 is a high viscosilty index lubricant which formulated with synthetic belnd base oil and high perfomance additivies and is tested in the most server driving conditions and different climate condistions.                                     

  • MAAS Hydraulic Oils (AW) are recommended for hydraulic and circulating systems and other industrial applications that require a long-term lubrication. Its three categories (AW32, AW64, AW46) are premuim qulaity lubricants made from a blend of selector and carefully refinded high qulaity base stocks and additives.                                                      

  • MAAS ATF III is automatic transmission fluid with top quality lubricant, inteded primarily for using in automatic transmission, requiring Dexron III specifications. MAAS ATF III can act as a gear lubricant, hydraulic fluid, power and heat transfer medium, and a lubricant forl sliding surfaces. MAAS ATF III is chemically compatible with a number of material, including elastomer and copper.